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My Journey

My Journey... and Me


‘The Curious Mind of Patsi Pocket’ would be a most fitting title for a book or a film title don’t you think!! 

I was born and blessed to have a wonderful, curious and inquisitive nature, that has allowed me to have earned the official the title of  ‘Concept Forager’

From the moment I set my eyes on a 3d Gifting Chocolate concept in Cork City, Dec 2017, my life and for those around me, has not been the same. In the last four and half years, not a day goes by when I don’t indulge chocolate on some level.

Chocolate played a major role in our family that dates back generations. Cadbury’s opened a Chocolate Crumb factory plant 12 miles away on the back road from where we lived, on the banks of the Black Water River Valley, in 1948. My Dad was contracted by Cadbury’s to transport tons of chocolate crumble to the processing plant in Talage, Dublin from the factory in Rathmore! Great news for my siblings! My Sisters and I often indulged in the bits that ‘fell of the back of the lorry’!


They were mighty sweet times!


So, we have the physical, hidden gems in our community malls, commercial complexes, industrial areas, restaurants, hotels or cafes where I have researched and investigated. My best friend, Google, gets at least 15 searches a day. The average person searches 4-5 per day! I look through links, feeds, social posts, newsletters, and even when on holiday, I am consumed with chocolate.


It is my passion!

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