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3d Chocolate Hub Classes

3D Chocolate Hub is the UAE's only specialised store for all chocolate solutions, whether it is selling their coveted 3D chocolate printers, or teaching you how to create your own designs!

We have worked with bakeries and hotels across Dubai for chocolate-related infrastructure, ensuring that our work is accessible to everyone. Our dream is to fire your imagination, hone your creativity and satisfy your desires with all things chocolate!

Looking for a new hobby or even a new commercial venture?


Starting a business has has never been simpler, or sweeter, than entering the world of 3d chocolate printing!


In this two-hour private masterclass, you will learn the production and commercial principals of 3d chocolate printing. Your host Patsi will educate you on the industry's tips and tricks to best interact with potential buyers and provide a live demonstration of the printer's capabilities.  

What you will learn:
  • Unique customisation

  • Personalised printing

  • Logo creation and printing messages

  • Budget-friendly printing

  • Insights to marketing

  • Licensing

  • Marketing platforms

  • Start-up costs

Need to Know

Skill level - All levels

Materials provided

All sessions are valid for 30 days from booking 

18 years and over 

470 AED

(VAT inclusive)

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