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Amazing Chocolate!

Not only do we offer 'Print to Order'  to our business community, but we also offer hundreds of chocolate items that could be given as gifts to your employees, table settings at events such as your annual dinner or Christmas party. 

Believe it or not, all the items on the left are made with chocolate from our supplier in Italy.

There are hundreds to choose from! Perfect for specialised chocolate gifting for employees and customers.


Give your guests a party or event to be remembered! Get it organised today! 


Give Patsi a call or contact her for a personal recommendation to suit your requirements.

Chocolate coloured tools - Polished realism
Lifestyle display -Tools and food
Fashion in chocolate - Design meets taste
Chocolate gastronomy - Representation of good Italian food
Jobs and hobbies small kits - Themed boxes with chocolate items
Customised corporate logos, packages or individual items, ideal for company events, dinners and celebrations!

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