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For amateur bakers and professionals who need to upskill, 3d Chocolate Hub has teamed up with academies in Dubai that offer both on-site and on-line courses in all areas of bakery and confectionary. From chocolate tempering and couverture methods to the craft, art and science of Artisan Production, there is something for everyone. Hone your skills and start gifting your chocolate delights!

Swiss Chocolate is accredited as the best in the world. The art of creating Swiss chocolate is unique, and not everyone can emulate this. The EHH – Professional Certificate in Art of Swiss Chocolate and Sugar Craft is designed to teach you traditional Swiss Chocolate making skills by a veteran “Maitre Chocolatier.”


All About Chocolate - 3 Days

This program provides a complete insight into modern chocolate tempering and couverture methods, helping chefs and individuals hone their skills in the art of chocolate making. We also run on-line short course for amateur baker!

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We offer an interactive program built by chefs, for chefs: a comprehensive exploration of chocolate science, innovative techniques, and inspiring recipes carefully curated to expand your knowledge, refine your skills, and help you become the chocolatier of tomorrow today

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The Artisan Chocolate making classes in Dubai help one understand the craft, art and science of Artisan Production, giving a theoretical and practical understanding of what makes the process successful. This hands-on chocolate course is delivered at the personal, professional and entrepreneurial levels.

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